Greenhouse building plans

In this article I will discuss the four main types of greenhouse building plans and what you can expect from each. Some greenhouse building plans are easy for the DIY enthusiast, while others require additional skills and experience in order to complete.

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Utilize the space in your garden by building a unique garden structure (greenhouse) to support your favorite fruits, flowers, and vegetables all year round.

The plans outlined in this article don’t require a lot of money. With as little as $20 you can build a functional homemade greenhouse to support your gardening endeavors.

You can build a long lasting greenhouse in a single weekend and start enjoying the fruits of your labor. Below  you’ll find some of the most common greenhouse plans online including dome-shaped, barn, and pyramid shaped.

Greenhouse Plans

Dome-shaped greenhouse

If you are one of those individuals living in a colder climate, yet passionate about gardening, then a dome-shaped greenhouse is the best greenhouse plan for you. This style of greenhouse will not only extend your farming season, but also give your plants the heat they need to thrive. Build this dome-shaped greenhouse and you’ll start a new chapter in your gardening life!

The good thing about this dome-shaped greenhouse is the fact that it allows you to grow native plants that would not normally survive in cold regions due to climatic differences.

This type of greenhouse is not only an eye catcher, but also a nice place to hang-out on cool summer and spring nights. Similar to an eskimo igloo, it can withstand strong winds due to its shape. One unique feature is the fact that it is designed in such a way as to be portable from one place to another.

Here are some of the tools you’ll need to build this type of greenhouse:

  • Level
  • Drill
  • Arm saw
  • Squire
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Screws
  • Greenhouse Plastic

Barn greenhouse

If you are one of those gardeners planning to own a small greenhouse for domestic use only, then a barn greenhouse would be the best option.  To build this greenhouse you require a small space in your garden and enough wood.

The lumber used in building this type of greenhouse should be strong enough and free from cracks, and other physical flaws. It is important to use a spirit level to ensure that your greenhouse is symmetrical in all corners and fronts.

The first step when building this type of greenhouse is to build side walls. After building the walls the next step should be the end rafters. The rafters should be fitted to the plates and the top plate should be fitted to the top of your greenhouse. Assemble the intermediary rafters one after the other while ensuring that their spacing is equal.

Scrap-Window Greenhouse

If you thought that the old window frame in your junk could not be used to make anything then you have to think again. Your unwanted and old window frames can be transformed into something good such as scrap-window greenhouse. Here are the steps you can follow to build this type of greenhouse.

Collect unused windows and pair them in such a way that they can make something like a wall. Play with them to give you a shape of a wall and joint them together using frames and screws. You should also decide where to put your door. The results should be a small house to grow your favorite vegetable, fruits, flowers and herbs.

Pyramid shape greenhouse

It does not matter where you live, greenhouses whether pyramid shaped or not are beneficial in one way or the other. A pyramid greenhouse is one of the most unique greenhouse plans available. It not only gives your garden the completeness it requires but it also protects your plants form direct UV radiation and harsh weather. A pyramid greenhouse is also the perfect way to create a unique environment for you plants.

Plastic bottles greenhouse

To build this type of greenhouse you’ll have to be patient and collect over 1000 plastic bottles. It is a unique type of greenhouse because of the materials used in building it. All you need to build this type of greenhouse are plastic bottles, bamboo sticks, threads and frames. It is one of the most interesting greenhouse plans available.

For more information on greenhouse plans and guide to build greenhouse, visit Building Green House Plans. You find a good guide that covers every aspect related to greenhouse.

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