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The best way to get your newly acquired plants into a flying start is by building your own home made Greenhouse which will ensure that you get a fresh supply of fruits, flowers or whichever plant that you want to grow in your greenhouse. Depending on what you want to grow, you can build a cheap multiple plants or single plant greenhouse in one weekend. This is one of the best ways to utilize the available space next to your house or in your garden.

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We are about to take you through the easiest steps you can go through to build a homemade greenhouse. We understand that it can be challenging for you to as you plan to build a greenhouse from scratch that is why we have outlined the best tips to guide you along and build it in a weekend. It can be challenging doing gardening especially when you have to deal with pests and diseases that attack your plants. To avoid the problems that come with gardening. The DIY greenhouse building guidelines covered in this article will surely save you from spending a lot of money treating your plants every season.

Gone are the days when we all thought that owning a greenhouse required breaking the bank. These days with as little as $20 you can own a greenhouse to plant your favorite plants all year long. You don’t have to build a big greenhouse unless you want it for commercial purposes. A small greenhouse can serve you together with your family all seasons and avoid buying fruits, vegetables, vegetables and herbs from other places.

Building your greenhouse at home only requires your willingness and determination. The following steps should guide you to make a greenhouse for your plants and to make them feel at home.

Steps to build a homemade greenhouse

Materials needed

  • Hose pipe
  • Iron bars (8)
  • Cable ties
  • Shade cloth
  • Planks (4)
  • Potted plants
  • Conduit 2 pieces
  • Hula hoops (4)

Tools to build a homemade greenhouse

  • Mallet
  • Gardening tools
  • Hack saw
  • Cordless drill

Building a homemade greenhouse in a weekend

  • Clear the ground where you plan to build your greenhouse
  • Use planks to make a raised bed by joining the planks from the corners to form a box. Make sure that your planks are joined strongly from the corners using iron bars. Transfer enough soil into the box formed using planks.
  • You can now transfer your potted plants into the raised bed. You can as well use compost instead of soil.
  • The next step should be building the greenhouse frame by inserting either ends of your hula hoops to the iron bars.
  • Cover your greenhouse using the right material that transmits quality light to your plants.

After covering your greenhouse you’ll have to do finishing touches. Making a homemade greenhouse is as easy as that and you don’t need to spend a lot to own a greenhouse.

There are many greenhouse plans you can choose from depending on your requirements. For a commercial greenhouse you’ll need to go extra skills because of the size of the greenhouse required to grow plants for commercial purposes.

It’s important to choose the location of your greenhouse wisely. You should avoid building a homemade greenhouse at a location which has strong winds which can destroy it especially if the greenhouse is not firmly anchored on the ground.

You should also study your plants and find out the best conditions that will favor their growth. You should not keep your greenhouse cool unless the plants you want to grow thrive in such conditions. If your plants thrive well in tropical temperatures then you should keep your greenhouse warm. You should connect water supply to your greenhouse using cisterns or hose water.

Monitor temperature changes in your homemade greenhouse using thermometers so that your plants can grow at the recommended temperatures. You can place the thermometers at different points in your homemade greenhouse

Don’t be convinced by anyone that you need to spend big bucks to own a homemade greenhouse. For more information on how to build a DIY homemade greenhouse, we recommend the following guidebook called by  “Building A Greenhouse Plans” by Bill Keane.

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